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  • WOODWARD 9907838 9907 838 LOADSHARING MODULE 9907-838 9907175 9907 175

WOODWARD 9907838 9907 838 LOADSHARING MODULE 9907-838 9907175 9907 175

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12 / 03 / 2021
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1 Unit
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Rp. 35.888.000
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Rp. 36.250.000

Detail WOODWARD 9907838 9907 838 LOADSHARING MODULE 9907-838 9907175 9907 175

WOODWARD Load Sharing Module PN 9907-838 (9907-175)

Pulse Width Modulated Output 9907-175, 9907-838

Load Sharing Module, Pulse Width Modulated Output, Power Supply 24 VDC, Caterpillar PWM Output Surge Protection Features: • Load Sharing Module is made for use with Caterpillar engines equipped with a Caterpillar digital speed control with a pulse width modulated (PWM) input. • The Load Sharing Module allows use of Woodward power generation accessories and allows load sharing between the Caterpillar digital speed control equipped engines and engines controlled with Woodward electronic controls. • Isochronous and droop load sharing • Easy to setup • EC Compliant • UL/cUL Listed 

Power Supply DC Models 18–32 Vdc, approximately 5 W. AC Models Jumper selectable for 95–130 or 190–260 Vac line-to-line, 50–400 Hz, approximately 10 W. Inputs 3-phase PT Inputs 95–130 or 190–260 Vac line-to-line, 50–400 Hz. PT input burden is 1.6 W per phase at 240 Vac, 0.4 W per phase at 120 Vac. 3-phase CT Inputs 3–7 Arms at full load, CT input burden at full load is 0.1 VA per phase. Load Sharing Input 0–3 Vdc into 25 k impedance in isochronous mode, open circuit in droop mode. Sync Input Compatible with optional Woodward SPM-A synchronizer. Speed Trim Allows manual adjustment of output level with an external 10 k potentiometer (not available on part number 9907-173). Droop Switch The external droop switch is to be wired in series with the auxiliary circuit breaker contact. Droop mode is selected when either the droop switch or the auxiliary circuit breaker is open. Outputs Load Signal DC signal proportional to total real current sensed by the Load Sharing Module. Used to adjust load gain. Output to Speed Control +0.5 to +4.5 Vdc analog, ±3 Vdc analog, or PWM, depending on model. Adjustments Droop Provides for output reduction between no-load and full-load conditions. Load Gain Provides adjustment of the load on an individual generator when two or more generators are paralleled. Adjusts specified full load condition from 3 to 7 Arms. Environmental Operating Temperature –40 to +70 °C (–40 to +158 °F). Salt Fog Tested at 5% NaCl, 35 °C, 47 hrs wet, 47 hrs dry. Humidity Tested at 95% RH, 65 °C, non-condensing, 5 cycles at 24 hrs/cycle. Vibration Swept sine: Tested at 4 G, 5 mm, 5–2000 Hz, 3 hr min/axis, including 4 30-minute dwells at resonant frequencies. Shock 40 G, 11 ms sawtooth pulse. Installation Overvoltage Category Category III. Air Quality Pollution Degree 2. Mounting Any orientation, any convenient location, but not on engine. IP43 protective enclosure required for compliance with EU Low Voltage Directive. Physical Characteristics Dimensions Length: 273.6 mm (10.77 in.) Width: 214.1 mm (8.43 in.) Height: 59.2 mm (2.33 in.) Weight/Mass 1398 g (49.3 oz.) approximate, dc models 1488 g (52.5 oz.) approximate, dc models


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